Rev. Niels Teunis Ph.D.

Soul Care Tends To The Needs of Your Innermost Being!

Your soul is part of your relationships and your relationships are part of your soul.

Together we seek to nourish, (re)vitalize, and connect that innermost being, your soul.

Through a process of intentional deep listening, and attuned presence we will deepen your connection with your soul.

You will find ways to give expression to what is most true about you.

Here Are Some Areas You Might Focus On


Because in the end, when we are old and looking back, what will matter most to us are our loved ones. And I want to help you have healthy strong relationships.

Body and Physicality

As men, we need to express our physicality in life. And for some men, expressing their body has become dangerous for a number of possible reasons.

Sense of Purpose

What is the unique gift you bring to this life of yours? What matters most to you right now?

Strong Emotions

You're a man. You may not know how to express feelings. That doesn't mean you don't have very strong emotions.

Strength of Character

Men are supposed to be strong, so I hear. If you are strong, physically, that is great. But what about that inner strength?


Men are grieving. You feel you have lost something or someone. Grief is deep, powerful. Grief can also change your life, if you can feel it.

Where I Work:

  • In Tilden Park
  • In our studio in Berkeley, CA
  • On Zoom or the Phone

If you want to explore working with me, I invite you to book a call at a time that works for you. When you schedule your call, I will call you on the number that you provide at the time that you requested.

Niels Teunis provides soul care for men.


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